2 2 2014

Dream Journal

10:08:56 AM: Dreamed that Josh emailed me a bunch of times about taijutsu after our latest ceremony. We discussed the philosophy of uke and tsuki and he gave me some fine points to work on. He told me he had a sad day too where he didn’t feel motivated because I didn’t do my best uke in class one time. He told me that he has a suit of samurai armor in his family made of iridescent dragon scales. I told him I would like to see it one day. I dreamed I had three games of dungeon crawl or a similar game going in screen, I very distinctly remember that three of the screens said “attached”. I had killed a very difficult rogue and he had a bunch of mundane items like shirts and gloves that had +6 enchantments. I met Daenerys Stormborn in a frozen tundra and desired to drink a little bit of her blood as a potion against the cold. I fought a very difficult dragon. I use all of my buffs at the start of the fight and got the dragon to very low health, at which point it fled. I chased it for a long time until my buffs ran out and he healed and then we resumed fighting. The dragon had very low health, and I had 10 hp and did not have any potions of heal wounds. I reached an impasse and didn’t play for a while because I didn’t know what to do next.


5:36:55 PM: Very nice yoga with Fergus today. Lots of sweating and shaking and energy doing its thing, so about 45 minutes in I decided to do some child’s pose instead of those wicked high lunges.


5:37:37 PM: Nice meditation after sexercise today. I felt upgraded.

Plan Day

  • (♥) I will do my taxes because I love myself.
  • (♥) I will file an expense report because I love myself.
  • (♥) I will buy bitcoin because I love the world.
  • (♥) I will go to Hitti’s party because I love Hitti and Daria and Matt Dannenberg and all my friends.




  • () I will buy broadway tickets because I love Daria.


5:21:44 PM: Had amazing sex on marijuana. We both basically fainted into happiness afterwards. But we need to get ready to go to Hitti’s party in a jiffy.