2 2 2015


7:12:29 AM: Dreamed of yelling at a stadium full of students not to smoke pot.

3:06:05 PM: I suppose I should do some writing or something as therapy. Made love with Daria last night. Sounds like she had a really good time. I enjoyed myself too, but I conserved my energy. Still awaiting U. One of my students, Natalia, seems closer on some superficial levels. Interesting. I suppose the nature of magick causes a lot of these near misses. Excited to meet U. I couldn’t stand to stay at the supper bowl for very long yesterday, I didn’t find the atmosphere very conducive to conversation and I didn’t really know what to talk about with people anyway. I suppose I felt curious about Flatiron School after Tamar got a job a month after finishing their iOS program. She says they had 19 students, one instructor and two teaching assistants.