2 21 2014

Dream Journal

  • (♥) I love understanding my subconscious so I will record my dreams when I awake at 7.

6:20:51 AM: Dreamt about refactoring blast and silver spoons. Kristie and Brian. Awoke to the owl hooting. Athena association?

9:54:36 AM: Dreamed I went to class with Josh and he asked me how my legs got so strong. And he showed us moves where we decapitate an opponent after flying through the air. Dreamed about seeing David naked in the shower accidentally, because I dreamed that we both got up and needed to get going. Then I ran out of shirts so I picked out this gray Ross shirt that I thought might fit the same way as my v necks, but it turns out that the tag said medium. Strange false awakening. Then after that in the dream I went to work. Dreamed that we integrated adwords into Sailthru somehow.

10:07:32 AM: Visited my family and they had a strange house that they could rearrange using a touch screen interface. When I visited both bathrooms sat next to each other. They had a really huge apple retina display, like, almost the size of me. We started driving in a van chasing a blue panel van. I think the panel van had terrorists in it or something, we chased it down the highway making very dangerous maneuvers. Finally we lose it but we see all these huge inca looking rock sculptures including easter island looking head statues.

10:09:34 AM: I meet Jen and we go to a cheap diner together where I feel a bit embarrassed by her behavior because she does stuff like eating directly out of a sugar bowl, and laying her mouth really close to my penis. I make sure to tip extra well when we leave because I think the servers got weirded out. We go to a kiosk where Jen checks her phone balance and the lady in the kiosk tells Jen she has very few minutes and very little money left, so she goes online to refill. Some guys we meet talk about the credit cards they’ve got.


  • (♥) I love understanding my body so I will attend yoga class at 7:30.

  • (♥) I love starting the day right so I will practice meditation when I get back from yoga.

  • () I love knowing what I need to do so I will plan my day after I meditate and before I go to Sailthru.

  • (♥) I love staying relaxed at work so I will practice strength and balance using the kettlebell at Sailthru.

  • (♥) I love protecting myself and others so I will practice taijutsu when I get back from Sailthru.

  • (♥) I love expanding my mind so I will read a book before bed.