2 22 2014

Dream Journal

  • () I love understanding my subconscious so I will record my dreams when I awake at 7.


  • () I love understanding my body so I will attend yoga class at 7:30.

  • () I love starting the day right so I will practice meditation when I get back from yoga.

  • () I love knowing what I need to do so I will plan my day after I meditate and before I go to Sailthru.

  • () I love staying relaxed at work so I will practice strength and balance using the kettlebell at Sailthru.

  • () I love protecting myself and others so I will practice taijutsu when I get back from Sailthru.

  • () I love expanding my mind so I will read a book before bed.

  • () I love Daria so I will get a physical.

The British, of course, acted horribly, as they seemed wont to do.

“People vary in the risk they incur by taking a street drug even once.”

Agreed! So I think we need to get the drugs off the streets and into storefronts and marketplaces. ;)

“In the absence of diagnostic testing or other ways of knowing whose risk profile is what, I wouldn’t want just any drug to be available to just anyone.”

Agreed! So I think we need to make researching these chemicals legal and research them!

“Under the diathesis-stressor model of mental illness”

A far too simple model I think. What do you find the best evidence for this model?

“Right now, drug pushers are in drug pushing only for the money, not for building up better communities, and they can’t care how many damaged lives they live behind as they seek the next dollar.”

I don’t think you can categorically state that, just like I can’t categorically state “Chinese people love broccoli”. I doubt you’ve even interviewed a single “drug pusher” and asked him his motivations. :)

All that said, I feel glad to see we agree that we should start building a scientific basis on which to base our decisions. I don’t think Richard Nixon felt all that concerned for young people’s safety when he banned psychedelics. I think he feared for his corrupt regime. But I just speculate. What kind of moron declares a “War on Drugs”? I do not consider Richard Nixon a hero of mine.