2 24 2015


7:04:27 AM: Dreamed about this crazy huge hotel room I had and I found a guy crashing in it. I didn’t kick him out or anything. The person in the hotel room beneath me played some music really loud on these huge speakers he had in his balcony. I torrented a bunch of stuff on the hotel wifi. For some reason I had a lot of things I had to “put back together” as I told the guy who crashed in my hotel room. He seemed in rough state. Oh, and I had a friendly sword duel with some kids from another dojo. Literally young kids. I had to convince them to use some swords that we didn’t care about quite so much. A lot of the BHD crew seemed involved in this hotel thing.

7:10:40 AM: Seems like I need to keep the recursion lecture pretty simple today. So I will do some easy examples. Summing the numbers from 1 to N, reversing a list, creating a nested empty array.

7:20:42 AM: Last night I found someone on Facebook who looks similar to U. And I got a linkedin request from someone named A’lisa. Interesting.