2 25 2014

Dream Journal

  • () I love understanding my subconscious so I will record my dreams when I awake at 7.

  • () I love writing so I will work on writing apps.

This movie is awesome.

I really enjoyed that movie. Hello


  • () I love understanding my body so I will attend yoga class at 7:30.

  • () I love starting the day right so I will practice meditation when I get back from yoga.

  • () I love knowing what I need to do so I will plan my day after I meditate and before I go to Sailthru.

  • () I love staying relaxed at work so I will practice strength and balance using the kettlebell at Sailthru.


  • () I love protecting myself and others so I will practice taijutsu when I get back from Sailthru.

  • () I love expanding my mind so I will read a book before bed.

  • () I love Randall so I will fill out the metta bank account document tonight.

  • Prevent hitting backspace after breaking flow at the end of a game from losing all work in tekstflyt.