2 26 2014

9:08:09 AM: Dreamt I lived with my family. Outside the weather looked gloomy and stormy. Inside people kept bickering. I wanted to find a time to do LSD, but I wanted a good set and setting and couldn’t find it. Too much turmoil. I felt afraid that if I took it at the wrong time I would imprint myself with negativity.

  • () I love myself so I will fix this stupid bug where the jounal_template gets duplicated.

1:22:52 PM: I suppose I should just keep writing when I get bored. It doesn’t cost me anything and I get to practice. I think I need to iron out what Manual Benedict wants to accomplish on this earth.

1:46:02 PM: I feel so bored at work right now. I really enjoyed watching Kaze Tachinu last night with Daria. Very touching story. Got a lot of chills during the movie. Made me wish that I had better dreams. Really got me thinking about what I have come here to do. Why did I come to earth? What did I come here to experience? What did I come here to do? Who did I come here to meet? When will I decide to leave?

1:48:38 PM: When Manual distributes he always includes a scroll. Hundreds have achieved satori from reading the scroll in combination with their trip. Manual has become the world’s leading expert in psychedelic therapy and guidance.

  • () I love metta so I will sign the bank account document as soon as I get home.