2 27 2015


7:03:06 AM: Dreamed that someone I interpreted as Hatsumi’s wife taught me some taijutsu while I stayed at their house. Dreamed of volunteering at a school and getting kicked out. Justin Smith had shown up there as a police officer he and I left together but he drove off on a motor cycle and I was miles away from home. I started walking home but Google maps had a new interface that confused me because I didn’t know which direction I had to go. Then these two girls walking home got ambushed by this crazy human looking animal monster that I had to fight. I gouged it’s eyes out and tried to choke it with its arms but it just started to chew through the arms, really scary. I remember one of the teachers at the school giving me attitude while asking me to leave, but I remember having an overall good impression of school after visiting. I remember a little food stand where an old man stayed in a really tight little cubby the whole time and how the family would cook things for each other from the stand. I remember a housing development built into this strange kind of alien seeming tree and then they tore it all down and a lot of empty space left.