2 3 2014

Dream Journal

7:02:11 AM: Dreamt again about a computer game and my family. I played with Daria. We visited my family and helped Mark and Luke pick up their rooms while playing with their toys. Mark and Dad got into an argument about when to do things, and Luke started to argue too because he felt he got worn down a bit. My parents expressed surprise at Luke doing that. I played a game Luke made involving blob people picking up different elemental powers and using them that resembled Vim at first but eventually became 3D and immersive. Daria and I played together and we got to the new area we went back to gather our party. I fixed some sort of battery powered device by reassembling it. Mark needed to recharge the device for some reason but didn’t get to because dad made him go to bed before he had a chance to plug it in.

8:27:25 AM: I dreamed I reviewed chemistry in a strange textbook and the authors stood there working with me. I wanted to review electro magnetism. Some plot involving a hotel where I waited for a Sailthru exec to show up. I ran around the hotel and noticed I kept tripping myself up with my feet. Chris Chapman and Ann happened to stay at the Hotel. At the hotel. which seemed located in Taiwan and or New York they gave you free rice and beans in sand that people could make into balls to eat. The sand acted as storage for the rice and beans, and people would use water to wash the rice and beans out.


3:30:26 PM: Skipped today.


9:14:03 PM: I think I shall meditate a bit before Daria gets back.

Plan Day

  • () I will buy toilet paper because I love Daria and David.
  • (♥) I will buy Broadway tickets because I love Daria.


  • (♥) I will buy Trello gold because I love my team.
  • (♥) I will finish 10780: (Support) Java Snapshot ‘reads email using’ criteria returning zero users because I love my team and the support team.
  • (♥) I will fix Horizon Interest function 9985 because I love my team.
  • (♥) I will finish 10826: (Support) Java Snapshot: “Viewed Page” criteria returns 0 results because I love Johnson.


3:30:38 PM: Lots of kettlebell fun, a kettlebell pistol on each side.

3:45:54 PM: Did two halos in either direction. Those felt really tough. Good exercise that.


8:48:18 PM: Private class at Josh’s. Still stuck trying to do those koto ryu receives, that motion that moves them off balance with the uke. Very strange. Learned about committing to my tsuki though. I have to judge the correct distance to plant my feet so that my strike both reaches them and I don’t go too far.



2:29:38 PM: I think I need to bring out the asshole critic that constituted my existence as SlyShy when I code, because I have started to notice that the code here looks like garbage. People might like me less, but goddamn, the code here will get a lot cleaner. And that way that part of my personality has a use again. Return, my repressed friend!