2 4 2014

Dream Journal

7:01:56 AM: I dreamt that I worked as crew on a yellow submarine with Robert Anton Wilson. He tapped me to share a writing credit on a newspaper column with a comic. I dreamed that we could read everyone’s emails at Sailthru. Ann seemed embarrassed that I might read an email of hers so I deleted all the emails. I dreamed we had some sort of company retreat and I had to pack up. I picked up a seamless order late and they had already ate half of my order. Some of the interns felt unhappy.


8:35:43 AM: Going to evening yoga with Daria tonight. Decided against going so that Daria could have some space to herself and cool off a bit.


8:35:54 AM: Listened to Kelly Howell’s guided meditation last night and it felt amazing. I definitely like her better than Dr Morris for guided meditations.

Plan Day

1:08:38 AM: Intention for the Day: Express my gratitude to everyone I encounter.

  • (♥) I will make a shoutout to Eric, Kristie, Boris, and Federico for making YellowSubmarine the coolest team to work on because I love them all.
  • (♥) I will make a shoutout to Ann and Praj for stepping up to help with backend alerts because I love them both.
  • (♥) I will make a shoutout to George and Melissa for also stepping up when we needed help because I love them too.
  • (♥) I will meet with Chris Smothers because I love him and really like his ideas.
  • (x) I will meet Randall and Kelly at Uncommons because I love spending time with them. Cancelled.


  • (♥) I will do 10851: (Support) move job_adflight to a new proc box / Thrillist because I love Satia.
  • (♥) I will merge and deploy 9680, 4885, 6565 because I love Dennis.
  • (♥) I will deploy to the internap mailers when I get home because I love Dennis.


7:47:11 PM: Nothing today.


  • (♥) I will implement a word counter because I love tracking the progress that I make every day.
  • (♥) I will implement a count method that goes over all the proses and grabs all their branches because I love myself.


1:10:47 AM: Can’t sleep for some reason so I have spent some time planning the day. I think that I have set a good intention for tomorrow and I hope that I dream about expressing my gratitude which will make it easier for me to do so in real life. That would feel kick ass.

10:41:04 AM: I don’t know what I can do to help Daria. She sounds pretty dejected about Venmo, which I really hoped wouldn’t happen. She mentioned the idea of moving back to North Carolina until school starts, which I would find awful. I would consider that effectively breaking up with me. I really hoped that she would take her year off to really consider what she wants to do with her life and figure out what makes her happy. I regret that she has thrown herself into this job at Thinkful which doesn’t appear to make her happy in the slightest.

11:41:23 AM: Well, today has turned out pretty nice. I won an admiral award thanks to Federico, and he gave me some bitcoin too. YellowSubmarine got a lot of accolades, which I find awesome. I think that we will get things off to a great start this year.

6:15:31 PM: Another great meeting with Chris. I really like him and hope we continue to collaborate in the future. I think that perhaps we could do something huge for the world together.

Dear Darrell,

I want to speak with you about my next few months at Thinkful. I feel incredibly grateful working as part of our team. However, I find myself questioning what I do while I at the office. When I met you, I mentioned that I took this year off from Columbia to become a better programmer. I want to become a better software engineer, not just a better web developer.

I spend the bulk of my time at Thinkful working on front-end projects. But I feel most excited about the prospect of working in AngularJS and Python+Flask. I think I have a strong grasp of HTML/CSS/jQuery but not necessarily AngularJS, and I haven’t worked enough with our backend.

I realize that you may feel I lack the skills to tackle problems in Python currently. To address this problem, I would like to propose that I spend about 40% of my time at Thinkful working through the Python course. If I devote two days a week, plus time on the weekend, I could finish the course in a month and a half. During this time, I would still work on front-end projects, and by the summer, I will be prepared to transition to working in Python.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think, Daria