2 5 2014

Dream Journal

8:23:29 AM: Went to a game hackathon. Jenn built a really cool side scroller type game. I wanted to build a game based on tetris where you had a game moving around in the tetris board. Daria helped me out but I kept falling asleep and acting really tired during the hackathon and Daria acted really supportive and tried to keep me up. I practiced taijutsu to take breaks from programming. I got a phone call from a lady about speaking about my programming experience at a taijutsu seminar. I acted as some kind of secret operative dropped off in eastern europe, I tried to kill some guys by stabbing them in the throat but they survived because I only had a little skewer as a weapon so I ran away. I met an undercover American agent there who seemed my contact for escaping. I thought I had to kill him but he convinced me that in fact I had to trust him as my only way out. We escaped the warlords together. We rented a few rooms in a house together that seemed a lot like Hightower, but even bigger with more rooms. Apparently the owner of the house also owned a strip club and his wife acted really bitchy. I worked for V.I.P.E.R and they assassinated a lot of people with snipers.


9:04:05 AM: Skipping today.


9:04:10 AM: Did Kelly Howell’s kundalini meditation again yesterday. It felt very powerful. Incorporating breath of fire into the meditation especially feels very strong.

Plan Day

Intention for the Day: Observe myself with diligent mindfulness.

  • (♥) I will put the mats up on the frame because I love Daria and myself.
  • (♥) I will put the laundry in the wash and then into the dryer because I love Daria and myself.
  • (♥) I will clean up the apartment because I love Daria and myself.


  • () I will attend sprint planning because I love my team and I want to make sure we have a great sprint.




11:03:13 AM: What to do today? I’d like to revise the Manual Benedict so that it functions as a handbook for the perfect trip. I should start organizing the materials required for my trip to and make sure I have created a good setting for it.

11:55:33 AM: At first glance, the backlog items that we will pick off of the sprint 2 backlog look pretty uninspiring. I will treat this as an opportunity to practice mental gymnastics.

12:58:36 PM: A lot of what I wrote in The Manual Benedict appears super hilarious right now.