2 6 2015


Strange dreams tonight. I will start with the most significant. I got invited over to Kacem’s apartment or maybe hotel room. He had a bed prepared for me and everything, I would sleep over there. For some reason some of the toilets in the apartment let U piss straight out into open sky like the moon door from Game of Thrones. I got afraid using one and made a bit of a mess. Eva wanted to know how to spell my Chinese name. I dreamed of making a decision with a friend (Kevin Alwell?) to build an underground compound that connected both of our mansions, and that we shouldn’t use it with parties so it could work effectively as an escape mechanism. I dreamed I stayed at home in Saddlewood downstairs and through the patio I saw with my siblings and a friend a tornado with lightning going down the middle, it came through the house and chased me up the stairs, I escaped it by barricading it with the door to mom and dad’s room at which point it finally died out. I noticed a lot of strange items in their room.