2 8 2014

Dream Journal

9:15:11 AM: Dreamt that Sam Flint had a huge list of database improvements that he made.


12:37:35 PM: Not going today but I will like to start going with Daria in the mornings again.


Plan Day

12:37:56 PM: Today I wish to delve into energy.


  • (♥) I love Bill and Meng so I will run Netsuite for them today.
  • () I love Bill and Meng and the dev team so I will document how Netsuite works for them.


2:16:43 PM: Going to class today. Happens that Josh’s birthday occurs today.



12:54:12 PM: Looking to use SR today.

1:55:49 PM: Query: seeking to build a loving relationship between myself, Daria, and Ann. If I want to go through with this, I suppose I must deal with the disapproval. For myself, Art. Accurate, as I seek to combine elements into a new alchemical arrangement. For the current environment, The Star, I do find the environment seems hopeful. Perhaps that represents Ann’s hopes too, as based on her body language she does find me attractive. For the obstacle, The Heirophant. I interpret that to mean that religion obstructs me, due to the monogamous beliefs we have all three brought up with. For the goal, 6 of Wands (Victory). Foundation of the current environment: 7 of Wands. The past, Ace of Disks, interesting as it seems I have already accomplished the material goals I set out to in my previous reading. Useful confirmation as I think I have established my value at Sailthru. Immediate future, princess of swords. Seen a lot of her lately. Still suspect that she represents Kristie, curious what role she has to play. The future environment: knight of wands. Not sure what to make of that, except that there sure does appear a lot of fire in this reading. Twice now I get the Nine of Swords in the position of society. The challenge: 5 of Wands, strife. Seems if I want to go down this path, it will lead to some strife. I did expect that. Fortunately, the outcome, 4 of Wands, Completion. ” Completion. Settlement. Arrangement completed. Perfected work. A completion of a thing built up with trouble and labor. Rest after labor. Subtlety, cleverness, mirth, beauty, success in completion.” A good ending if I can carry through.