2 9 2014

Dream Journal

9:00:59 AM: Didn’t catch, computer not on loft.



Plan Day





11:32:32 AM: I shall call upon Raphael to heal my eyes and any other bodily imperfections through the combustion of Angel’s Mercy intertwined with white mana in the shape of a cross.

12:15:14 PM: I saw the effect of the sigil almost immediately. As I watched the cards burn, my vision sharpened so that I could the text ‘Angel’s Mercy’ as the flames consumed the card.

12:15:02 PM: This table may end up feeling like just the perfect height.

12:16:52 PM: Last night while waiting for Steve and Krisi to fall asleep I went through several rounds of body scanning, fixing problems present. Also repeated the mantra ‘shiken harimitsu

10:04:57 PM: DnD kind of boring now. I think I will not go again. But Lisa did build an awesome villain.