3 11 2015


9:42:41 AM: Dreamed of a strange combination of magic the gathering and wesnoth that I played with someone. I got strangely angry because it seemed like they would win but then on my turn I got an improbable come back where a bunch of my lancers did massive damage (like 158) to his creatures and wiped a bunch out. My morning routine got disrupted a tad because Daria slept in the main room because she stayed up late writing her lit hum essay. Not sure why she chose to do it all last night rather than in the morning, but her life decisions I guess. Maybe she just works better in the night. Apparently salsa threw up this morning.

9:47:39 AM: I think I will go do my exercise for the morning.

10:03:25 PM: Alright, got some things to write about before Daria gets home. Have to get it out now because I don’t really trust that I can freely write my thoughts once she gets back. Today didn’t feel too stressful for an assessment day, and I think I will have good results tomorrow. Anyway, I will have to see. I quite liked Naturalistic Occultism, I could certainly do with a dose of the common sense in there. Most of my problems don’t really require magick, except that of finding Aliza, but that requires the kind of patient day by day magick that doesn’t really seem flashy anyway. I should formulate my theories of magick soon and start operating off them. I have an idea of an energy construct, a servitor which harvests energy from the rotation of galaxies. It will connect to all my other constructs in order to power them. I would like to build a face visor that looks completely invisible but filters the information coming into me in a helpful manner, for instance making my vision sharper. It could also apply a glamor to my face so that people perceive me in a kinder light. I had a really good time meeting with Steve today. He came in to DBC in order to meet with Sharnee. He will come back next Thursday to speak at DBCx which I find pretty cool. Or maybe he will speak at Career Day, not sure which, but in either case, very cool. I think I should probably see if I can help Shar’nee out somehow, she could probably use some help. I can’t help but have some feelings for Melissa because I find her awesome although I also want Zack to have happiness, but I don’t know what to do there. Josh told me about the room in his apartment that I could move into if he manages to close on the contract. I feel a little worried about the cat situation if I wanted to move in there. I have started to realize just now that I really haven’t typed very much recently, I feel like my hands actually have to get back into the rhythm of this. They feel a bit out of practice although I still seem to type pretty well and without many typos it seems. But I could certainly type faster, I don’t remember it taking so long for me to get my thoughts out previously, but I also haven’t written for quite a while. Anyway, so Josh would like me to pay him in cash, which I could probably do. I really need to check how much money I have in my TCF account. I REALLY need to call TCF and get my account reinstituted because I find it utterly ridiculous that I don’t have access to my account. I should probably do that tomorrow. I will pack my checkbook with me so that I can call their customer service and have my account details ready. I really can’t go much longer without knowing how much money I have. I got another shipment of MDMA today which I find pretty exciting. This batch looks pretty good too, but obviously I haven’t tried it yet because when do I have time? I had a good time hanging out with Daniel Saewitz yesterday. It doesn’t seem like he has much direction in life but he really wants to work with me. I don’t know if I trust him enough to work with him. I would rather work with someone like Steve and Randall if Randall can ever escape the clutches of Kaplan. I wonder how long I will work at DBC for. I do love my work but I don’t love my hours. I should find some ways to use my time at DBC more productively. I really need to create a seating and table situation that suits me there because I really hate using my laptop at work currently. I think moving in with Josh would work out really well. I seem like his top student right now if only because I show up for his classes the most. He doesn’t seem to correct me on a lot of things that he corrects other people on. I hope that means that I’ve figured some of it out but I always check that the advice he tells other people doesn’t apply to me. Or I should say, I always check myself using the advice he gives other students. I’ve found the focus on kicking lately really interesting. Oh yeah, so I really love Steve Dean, I find him highly awesome not only because he practices polyamory but also because he has such an extraverted and people oriented way of living and he seems very free. I had some very interesting conversations with him. He wants to publish a piece on the platinum rule, which says “Do onto others as they have expressed they would like done unto them” a much better of living.