3 15 2015


11:30:05 AM: Really cool dream about the Sprawl and the Tangle. Post apocalyptic tech vs magic world. I met the queen of spriggans who used a stealth charm to get use through danger. I rode in an airplane with some halflings. Really fun times.

11:30:55 AM: I had a great time yesterday. I really liked meeting up with Jake Hickey. Although obviously he suffers from some mental instabilities I found him very intelligent and able to grapple with difficult issues in the world. I hope he finds the truth and doesn’t pay too much for his pursuit of it. He seems quite obviously brilliant though. I gave a pretty good talk at Coalition for Queens, I hope. I think so. I felt pretty good while giving it. It seems like I don’t really have a problem with public speaking or improvising now, thanks to Hermes. Had a good time at Zack’s house trying the new molly. Melissa really went wild with her costume yesterday.