3 17 2015


7:05:16 AM: Interesting dream, a lot of throw backs to old stuff in my life. I dreamed about an interesting roguelike game and meeting the creator and learning about all sorts of interesting algorithms. I dreamed about a YS gathering and having to catch a flight from it and having to hustle to an auditorium for a speech. I dreamed about math team and trying to help some girls during the meet and helping my dad sell the shirts our team made. I dreamed about playing kickball in a building after the meet with Joe and Ellie Norby and thinking they really knew how to kick balls.

3:57:53 PM: Some thoughts that I’ve had on my mind and need to write down. Well, first of all, I should write these down more often. Secondly, I should come up with my own version of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. I started thinking about how and why they start the ritual facing the east and the element of air and I think it reflects the over intellectualizing that characterizes the Golden Dawn and seemingly much of Western Occultism. I want to formulate my own system of magick, of invisible magick. I want to create a system for doing things, and I clearly need to rework Treedo so that it will actually work. I should also make some fixes to Self-Mastree and maybe rethink how that works too. I should try making these personal projects into products that I can sell to people.