3 19 2015


7:08:33 AM: Strange dreams. I remember going to a place I thought looked like white castle with Daria and saying how nice it felt to go somewhere with mostly white people. But I ended up making tacos there. And I remember Mark and dad and I at this weird store that had a combination of Japanese and Mexican food that also sold soccer balls but they had to inflate the balls and they kept trying to sell us strange balls that seemed more like beach balls than actual soccer balls. I remember riding a bike through the subway except it had huge escalators and I rode my bike up and down the escalators and I saw Lola from Ross in the station talking to a female friend. I remember seeing an angelic looking flock of birds surrounded by white light singing music, I thought them angels but I looked up the lyrics to the song they sung on my phone and it turned out that a species of bird would sing that song? Strange, maybe I did see angels. Larks, I after I looked them up, and a song associated with them. I should like to investigate the song. After seeing the birds I met an old lady and I gave her a bunch of test tubes that I found on the ground, a young lady wanted some too. I also remember finding a folder full of inappropriate pictures of children that disturbed me greatly, in some sort of strange house where I and a bunch of people had started breaking apart wooden furniture. I remember getting very angry in Saddlewood because my iphone shattered due to something Mark did and I ran out of the house.

8:30:23 PM: Aliza approaches. Found a friend of 11 friends on Facebook name Elissa Woolf with red hair and blue eyes. Amazing taijutsu class