3 2 2014

A strange turkish, russain, and lebanese store. Waiting with Randall and Chris for hackNY to find about about the status of a new business venture. Living in a big fancy apartment with Randall and a few others. Ordering food from a restaurant. Overhearing Christopher from Sailthru talking about apple using skin samples to unlock devices for politicians.

Dear Daria,

Thank you so much for coming into my life. Whenever I think of you I smile involuntarily. I feel so good when I do. When I miss you I like to think of your smile and I feel better knowing that you will return to me. Some days I wonder what would have happened had we not met. I think I would not feel as happy. I literally could not imagine feeling so much and in love until I met you.

I dream that we can both find our passions and develop into the best expressions of our inner natures. That way we would bring so much joy into the world. I believe that through our love we can uplift everyone around us and bring light into their lives.

I feel excited at the prospect of helping each other life healthier and happier, and perhaps inspiring others to do the same. We could establish a lifestyle that feels great to us and start writing about it. We would start small, step by step, building up habits and interests that increase our well-being, and then one day we will look back and realize that we feel like REAL PEOPLE.

Love and kisses forever, yours truly, Matthew.