3 20 2015


7:06:17 AM: Not sure if I really caught any of dreams this morning. Something about DBC. Didn’t get a good glimpse of them this morning. Feeling a little disappointed in Daria because she has reverted to old patterns like usual. Oh, I do remember peeing on myself in a dream and then throwing up a bit and feeling really embarrassed. I did it in this house that had a lot of YS people in it. Some kind of strange reunion event going on.

7:10:45 AM: Anyway, yesterday I learned bo-furi finally from Mike. It took several tries but I’ve finally got the movements down and I think I would greatly enjoy practicing it at work even if it makes me look rather foolish at first because I will not have the ability to do it very well without a lot of practice first.

7:27:54 AM: Mike pointed out some really important things for me to work on in my kamae. Really make sure my heels get on the same line, not back heel a few inches behind the line. Important. Also, don’t let the head jut forward. Keep the head stationary and rotate the body around it. Make sure the head goes in the right direction. Keep the front knee rotated out by rotating the femur.