3 22 2015


8:58:42 AM: Dreamed about Mark and I buying a bunch of presents for Luke and Priscilla including remakes to old games that we used to play as kids. I remember a big orchestra hall and having to evacuate people on trains and the trains breaking down and having to fit people into cramped train cars. I remember Priscilla playing the violin or wanting to. I remember kids practicing the violin outside of the concert hall. I remember students of mine from DBC coming to taijutsu, in particular Debbie. I remember climbing a huge tree in a pretty dangerous way.

3:28:35 PM: Daria out of the house for a few hours at the least, time to get a lot of work done and finish up some projects. I think I will first work on Treedo so that I can start using that as a system for keeping track of the rest of it. Seems like a good idea to me. I think I will invoke Hermes for this purpose.