3 3 2014

Dear Daria,

I feel so great to have gotten up with you to do yoga this morning! I feel all the optimism of the new year coming back to me. Thinking back on it, we had kept a very healthy lifestyle for two weeks straight until Sailthru’s new on-duty system caused me to sleep oddly. Now that I’ve taught my teammates how to handle situations on their own I think that we can get back into the groovy groove.

I hope that Mr. Plant will feel more at home in the office. I have decided to skip taijutsu tonight so that I can devote some time to Pos.yt. I think I will write to Josh and let him know that I have a lot going on right now, and that I need to devote some time to my tech projects. I think that yoga will help me feel relaxed in between all the hacking that I will do.

I started writing some fragments of some stories today. I have decided to actually write… so I can call myself a writer without feeling like a bullshitter.

Alex Qin wrote an email today. She wants to meet and ask me about how Sailthru scaled because Bloglovin feels rather chaotic and disorganized and they have to grow. I invited her to Sail-ALE the Thursday after this one. You should come too, she wants to see you.

All the love, yours truly, Matt-matt.