3 3 2015


3:05:48 PM: I suppose I should spend some time journaling. I had a good discussion this morning with Melissa about the sexism EE.

3:27:33 PM: I would like to build ALIZA. I suppose I shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it, but somehow I do. I don’t know how I feel about the potential scope creep and if texting will really present a useful interface. It seems I should just focus on making good tools. Like I should build Wordforge. I feel a bit stagnant. I suppose I should build a tool that writers can use though. A new editor.

3:47:21 PM: Really feeling my lack of paper right now, wish I had my notebook with me because I have a lot of ideas I would like to get down on paper. Thoughts still floating around about a new wiki system. I think that people would actually use this wiki already if I released it, but it doesn’t quite do everything I want yet. Maybe I should spend some time spinning this off into a product and letting people use it. I wouldn’t have to make too many changes in order to make this usable for everyone.

3:50:05 PM: I still await U. I feel like I lost faith for a little while, and I don’t quite know how to handle Daria’s departure. I suppose I will table that question until the summer, no need to worry about it now.

3:52:58 PM: It would seem I need a better to do system since right now it really feels like I don’t have one.