3 30 2015


10:15:22 AM: So given the way my flight leaves at 6:55 PM today I probably could have just left from NYC today and got to the airport in time. But I had a lot of fun yesterday going with Drew to the Go meetup and meeting some new friends. I had an intuition that they smoked weed in the basement so I took an opportunity to engage with Neal and got invited to the basement, I got really high off a single toke of the oil they smoked from a glass vapor genie. Good times. Had a nice relaxing evening at home afterwards, I slept very well on Drew’s couch. Had a decent dinner of pizza yesterday. Today I want to do my bodyweight exercise (see how I can make do without a pullup bar, which I feel need to figure out by Iceland), practice some taijutsu (at least san shin) and clean up Drew’s apartment for him a tad, especially doing the dishes since it seems he doesn’t necessarily enjoy it and wants to put it off, so I will do him a favor to return his generous hospitality. I wonder how much Uber costs around here, he seems pretty unafraid of using it.

Let’s get all that done by noon so we have time to think and plan out the rest of the day, including anyone else we might want to visit in Boston. It occurs to me that one of the reasons I wanted to spend so much time in Boston involved seeing Monica, but I don’t think I will make that happen. I feel a deep conflict in my soul. I really love Daria, truly. I do not wish to hurt, and I wish to cherish her. Yet I love other people. I don’t know what to do about it other than to keep loving, not to let people down as Richard Branson said. Anyway, time for some bodyweight exercise.