3 4 2015


4:45:20 AM: Very interested and intrigued right now. I began the sleepless spell yesterday and so far I have gotten up right away in the morning. I notice myself yawning so I think it will take a few nights for my body to fully adjust to the new DNA and for my beliefs to shift, but it does seem like I can program myself to sleep less. I feel amazed to even have woken up in what seems like four hours after going to sleep. I will have to monitor this experiment closely and see how the day goes. I wonder what to do with breakfast and whether I can fill up my morning with enough activities that don’t make noise to not wake Daria. Oh, cool though, I can totally start the day off with a KAP meditation in the time I’ve just bought and I expect that to yield huge synergies. Hm… wondering if I should head to Dev Bootcamp early in order to avoid waking up Daria and to give me the opportunity to banish some swathes of space there.

5:32:25 AM: Good KAP meditation in terms of energy movement, didn’t get much third eye activity this time despite seeing a lot of moving purple last night before bed. Interesting. But still, glad to have the time in the morning to start the day with KAP, feeling good about this. I think I would like to do my strength training now and then see about breakfast. I have some inspiration to work on RoyaltyReminder today so I think I will implement the administrator account. I will just go into the database to create it. I think I need to add a new field to the author model in order to accommodate the new permissions. Also I will replace the delete button for contracts with an ‘archive’ button that will move the contract to the archived section of the site, which I still need to build but I consider pretty easy to do.

5:35:52 AM: Also, while doing the KAP meditation it brought back memories of times while a child when it seemed like I really didn’t need as much sleep as people told me I did, like the time I stayed up all night playing in order to see the garbage truck come in the morning because I really wanted to know how the garbage would disappear.

5:46:16 AM: Well, now I feel totally exhilarated because I just did my best headstand ever. I got up with complete control, didn’t have to use the wall at all and actually stood and breathed for a nice long time, got back down with control. Feeling very good about that.

6:11:08 AM: Cool, I hear the owl out tonight. Good portents. I should like to learn a lot more about Athena, given her wonderful placement in my natal chart.

4:28:07 PM: Well, I definitely feel some tiredness coming on, but I did do a lot today already so I don’t know to what extent this constitutes a normal amount of tiredness for the afternoon. I’ve certainly felt drowsy like this on days when sleeping “normally” and often times at an earlier hour than now. Will have to continue monitoring progress.