3 8 2015


Solve your problem without the high budget headaches of normal software contract work.

You’re a busy business person with a project. Consultants who seems smart and trustworthy bill out of your budget. Having a software team work for you, even temporarily, seems like overkill. You could find a cheap quotes from someone with little experience and doesn’t understand your needs.

Shouldn’t you work with a high quality software team that understands your goals and charges comparable to an enterprise software license?

Here at ConsultIndigo, we use a new model. We don’t ask you for page designs, or all the details of user interaction — we do the design work (while collaborating with you) and build a long-lasting product. You split the bill with other users, while avoiding the risk and overhead of splitting your company’s focus.

This model allows us to maintain the software long-term and help it improve after the initial build-and-improve phase, due to feedback from customers just like you.