4 14 2015


7:05:14 AM: Dreamed of investigating fraud or something at a university so I went under deep cover. Some kind of fraternity. I ate a fancy dinner there. I put on red socks rather than black socks by accident and didn’t notice for a while. I picked up a used tissue that someone tried to drop in the waste basket with my toes using the red socks. I dreamed that I started dating Kelly, funny because I feel certain that would never happen.

10:08:24 PM: Had a nice time seeing Simon Amstell at Theater 80 with Daria and then we got Korilla afterwards. Expected to see Dave Fontenot tonight but he hasn’t shown, gave me some time to catch up with Andy and now to do some fun activities like drumming, magick, and taijutsu.

10:13:43 PM: Strong LBRP today, similarly in yoga today I had strong energetic and somatic effects. Interesting day energetically, wonder if I have any influences going on in particular today. Had a good time giving the EE session today although I found my delivery a little less good than with the squirrels I think.