4 16 2015


8:10:54 PM: Actually have a lot to write about the last few days that I haven’t yet. Last night I went to a hackathon hackers meetup that Dave Fontenot organized and I met some new friends like Ben and Joe (Ben runs a charity service named valet that helps charities raise money, Joe recently left his job and has started to look for new work). I saw Andre and Andrew there and we had a really good time hanging out, they came over and we smoked together. The night before I had Dave Fontenot over and he began teaching me how to freestyle rap which I really appreciated because earlier that week I had thought that I would like to learn to rap, seems like I just have to practice. Steven Harms and I have felt some chagrin at the global assessment process coming to DBC and I have to say I don’t like it. But I will deal with it for as long as I have to I suppose. I might look for new work closer to me and closer to my heart after I settle down after moving in with Josh. Time to do some San Shin. My practice suffered today due to the sleep depravation I have experienced from two nights in a row of not enough sleep. Or maybe I just use the sleep as an excuse.