4 17 2014

Title: Moving Forward

Dear Chris,

Thank you for the opportunity you’ve extended me. I felt honored that you decided to include me in a process as personal and meaningful as starting-up. I feel inspired by your example so I have decided I would rather not continue working on Posyt.

After reflecting for a long time I realized that I wanted the lifestyle you enjoy for myself. Specifically I crave the freedom to work on Prosedy and you showed me that a path exists for me to do so. For that inspiration I feel very grateful.

I think you deserve a better cofounder than one whose heart yearns to build other projects, so I don’t want to saddle you down with my half-commitment. I believe that you have all the capacity you need to make Posyt a success.

I don’t take this decision lightly. If the perfect opportunity for me hadn’t happened across my path I wouldn’t be writing this letter. I received an invitation from Dev Bootcamp to teach and I found the position extremely enticing. I have always enjoyed teaching and I feel I resonate deeply with their educational philosophy. At this time given my family’s situation I feel much more comfortable having a steady source of income with some time to work on projects.

I apologize for any disappointment this may cause. Please have my full assurances that any code I wrote for Posyt belongs to you. You don’t owe me anything. I highly enjoyed working out an architecture for Posyt that will scale gracefully and I look forward to seeing what you build this spring and summer.