4 17 2015


7:42:56 AM: Various adventures in dream land today. Finding an awesome lounge area in a university campus. Trying to catch a bus to a flight. Seeing someone defend against a sword attack by receiving on the line and then cutting right back. I saw Steve Gattuso’s incredibly defined abs that he could suck in with crazy control. I had taken my shirt off which everyone admired too.

8:23:26 PM: Hanging out with William, he has started to work on his App Academy application. It seems like they have higher standards because they actually provide the program free up front so they have a strong guarantee that people should get jobs after graduating. Seems like the right thing to do. Realistically I feel like DBC does a lot wrong and getting bought by Kaplan definitely set us in a bad direction in a way. I feel a lot of displeasure at the way the global assessment process has gotten pressed down onto us.