4 2 2015


11:31:27 AM: I haven’t journaled in a while, despite having quite a lot to write about, really. I have had a great time on my journey so far. I had a pretty uneventful trip to Boston. I sat at a table with three south American men that sounded pretty loud to me. They had a funny nasal way of laughing, like a guffaw I guess. Across from me sat four college girls. I kept feeling judgmental towards one of them in particular because she really had a lot of trouble concentrating on her book because she kept getting distracted by her cellphone. I suppose I didn’t like her reminding me of my own failings in that department. Anyway, I had a really good time walking from South Station in Boston to Drew’s apartment in Charlestown. He has quite a nice apartment in a newly renovated building that doesn’t seem to have many people living in it.