4 20 2014

420 today. Probably not going to do much by way of celebration. Just get high and make love with Daria. We’ve had really great sex recently, including an experience where I felt I almost lost myself into a golden light. This morning Daria didn’t come. We think the lexapro that she just took might have caused it.

Last night I had a very fun time meeting Erik, seeing Marissa and Jason and Randall. We went to the Cloister Bar, apparently the first bar Randall ever went to. I went there with him for hackny one of my first summers in new york with manya and a few other people I don’t remember. Erik used to work with Jason at a startup called Waywire. Erik played lacrosse and hockey and he played hockey in college (not sure about lacrosse). Now he works at a startup that sells real estate management software.

I wrote to Dennis and Lisa asking if they would act as my references for Dev Bootcamp. So far Lisa has agreed.

Using HabitRPG seems like it will work pretty well for me. I will establish a new system using it. I think ultimately I will have to build my own productivity tool completely tailored to my needs, but this works fine for now. Now I can keep todos out of my journal and keep this purely for writing.

This new practice I started of just sitting in ichimonji for three minutes at a time that James inspired me to do has felt very difficult. Which indicates that I need to practice ichimonji a lot more. It should feel as natural as sitting.