4 22 2015


7:13:24 AM: Seemingly didn’t catch any of my dreams this morning, already kind of awake by the time the alarm went off. Big day today with all the assessment stuff coming on. Before Daria gets up I would like to journal about some of what happened the last few days. While tripping in the park with Matt Huff I met a man named Matt who practiced goju karate in the park, turns out he runs a school called Empty Cup Karate, very cool. I also met a psychic named Kyler James. I asked him about finding my alchemical compliment. He had me pick two women I already knew about and leave the third a mystery. I said Ocean, and Daphne. Ocean came back as an illusion, she doesn’t seem like the one for me. Daphne came back with the wheel of fortune, a good card. I came up as the high priestess. Aliza came up as the queen of wands and Kyler got excited at that. The rest of the cards that came up for Aliza all had to do with fire and boded well for me. Exciting news. While searching for the Queen of Wands I found an image by an artist online that has come closer than anything I’ve seen of capturing Aliza. Very cool. Anyway, time to do my strength circuit.

7:57:41 PM: Kind of a stressful day due to assessments, but I had a good time at yoga today with Whitney and had a great burrito and nachos from El Luchador with Steven. Had a decent day overall, played werewolf with my students at the end of the day after Harms gave them a pep talk.