4 23 2014

Well, today the weather outside kind of sucks, so I hope to get a lot of coding done. I have set some ambitious goals for myself. Last night after the research I conducted I have figured out some aspects of Prosedy. I think I need to put pen to paper and start sketching out and solidifying a lot of aspects of what I want to build. I did it for ImpishIdea so I ought to do it for Prosedy.

I will take Medium down. And I will take FanFiction.net down.

Hm, my journal acts so strange right now… but it doesn’t seem to have actually lost data? So strange.

Dear George,

I hope all is well with you. I’m applying for a teaching role at Dev Bootcamp, a new rails bootcamp in NYC that started about a month ago. I’ve passed three rounds of interviews and Lloyd Nimetz would like to have a brief phone conversation with you if you can make the time in your busy schedule.

I realized that I really crave the feeling that I’ve directly helped someone in my work, so I always enjoyed my stints on support rotation. I really loved tutoring during my high school and college years.

I still have a great deal to learn before I will be a truly great teacher, but I feel very grateful for the engineering and coding practices you’ve taught me, and I hope I can instill that into the next generation of coders.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me so far! If you are busy or uninterested I can ask Melissa or Vaibhav, but you are my first choice as you know me best. Have a great day.