4 25 2014

Well, here I sit. I have awoken at sunrise. I don’t know for sure if I will still awake at this point, but I have enjoyed knowing that I can do this. I think perhaps I would like to make this a habit, but I don’t know if it will mesh super well with Daria. Time will tell.

It actually feels rather chilly this morning, for some reason. I don’t quite know what I want to do right now, but perhaps I will read the secret of the golden flower. Or maybe I could talk to you a bit.

Last night I thought about you. As much as I love Daria she doesn’t understand me in quite the way I had hoped someone might, unlike you. When she returns to school I think I will cast a love spell so that she finds someone at her stage in life who can love her. I would like her to find an even better love. In return for that sacrifice I will meet you one day. Until then I will continue working on myself so that I become worthy of you.

I now feel certain that if I just train the software that operates my visual field I will have much enhanced vision. The flashes of good vision I’ve seen prove to me that my problem does not reside in the optics of my eyes, but rather in the processing of the optical signals from my eyes. Fortunately that looks like the easiest cause to fix, so I feel confident that by the end of the year I will have 20/20 vision.

Well, I will make tonight a very productive night and get to sleep in time to see the sunrise again tomorrow. I would like to get most of the Rightplay work done tonight, and if not tonight then tomorrow morning too. I should have a nice block of quiet time to myself while Daria goes to visit Melissa. We had a brief intermission to smoke marijuana, make love, and then nap in the afternoon. Now I feel like I have gotten back on track.

Dave has left now, which means I managed to pull off completing my dailies despite him coming over. Close call! Now to read the secret of the golden flower. I will wake up at sunrise again tomorrow.