4 25 2015


8:19:27 AM: Dreamed of going to Google’s big cafeteria and shoving a pastry down my mouth as I watched lots of people stealing food. Dreamed I shared more of my past with DBC students. Dreamed of hanging out with Alex Q while filling out all these forms I had to do for C4Q.

6:11:06 PM: Wow, quite the day I must say. I still have a lot of hours left in which to do lots of cool stuff. I feel very freed now. I want to sprint to finish this InstaInk project, I think it would kick off my freelancing business in a major way if it succeeds. Had a great time in the park talking to Kyler, such an interesting guy. He told me a story about how every time someone has asked him “What is the meaning of life” he has drawn the Ace of Pentacle (kether in malkuth), the odds of that I calculate at just under 1 in half a million. Anyway, following up from our last tarot session which went like this (I asked for helping “finding my alchemical complement”):

Me: High Priestess Daphne: Fortune Ocean: Seven of Cups Aliza: Queen of Wands, more fire cards

He seems to think I will meet Aliza soon, which I await. Because of that, I wanted to prepare myself for our meeting so today I asked about areas of weakness and how I could improve and it went:

me: Judgment 1: Six of Swords 2: King of Cups 3: Six of Pentacles Daria: Death, then 9 of Pentacles Advice: 3 of Pentacles

6:36:08 PM: I had a great time meeting up with Mike and Ohan on their roof top and I made some new friends today like Elena. Caught up with Charlie and Trey’von, briefly met Kate. Learned about this awesome folding keyboard from Mike and about Ohan’s cool plan to start a school in Sri Lanka with an interesting education philosophy that attempts to contextual learning and make students understand why they would want to learn something by tracing the roots of knowledge through time. I think I might see William in twenty minutes, but I don’t know for sure. I don’t know if we meant to flake or what, but I wouldn’t mind either way. I met a lot of beautiful women at Mike’s party and felt very natural interacting with them. I think I have grown a lot in that department. I like Mike’s parties because he always seems to have a lot of women over, very nice. By contrast some guys can never seem to get girls over because they keep screwing them over I would think.

6:40:52 PM: Nice to actually have use of this desk. I think I should like to start work on this instaink project once I finish journaling some more. And I think I will play the drums a bit, and finish reading some of the new hatsumi books I got. And I think I need to update my reading list with some of the books I finished recently. I had a pretty harrowing night last night, where I barely escaped with my integrity intact. Well, actually, I did fine, it didn’t get that close. But I had a lot of women expressing interest in me and Sam did it very overtly. She definitely wanted to fuck me, but I will remain loyal to Daria while we remain together, and I didn’t find her drunken antics particularly attractive, nor her general immaturity. As predicted Zack has started to undermine his relationship with Melissa. I don’t think they will really hold together because he just doesn’t have the maturity to stay with a woman that fine. That said, I don’t know that Melissa deserves me, but I certainly admire her.