4 26 2014

Some strange dreams that I can’t quite recall last night about taijutsu and sailthru. I won’t worry too much about them. Didn’t get up at sunrise today. Daria got home really late so we didn’t really sleep until 2 or so I made the decision not to get up then… although strangely enough I did manage to turn off the alarm two minutes before it would have gone off, so that illustrates that my body did wake up with the sunrise.

Anyhow, time to get going with my dailies again for today.

2:53:58 PM: Time to get cracking on CraftyCritiquer and institute my master plan of getting involved in writing communities. Daria still feels a bit upset about Duchess which I completely understand. But on the whole she seems happier to have seen Melissa which makes me happy.

3:51:20 PM: Ever get sad thinking about all the people you’ve loved that you no longer see? Transmute that feeling into joy, for that feeling should indicate to you just how many people you will love that you will meet.

6:50:43 PM: Well, got most of the rightplay stuff done, pending a few questions from Jason.

8:08:57 PM: Made some good progress today. Time to take some to myself and get some reading done! Made progress on CraftyCritiquer