4 27 2014

Dreamt that I went back to Sailthru and Sailthru lived together in a house. And then I went to some kind of Rails camp for college kids and David showed us some rails stuff. In the house which apparently Sailthru and the Rails camp shared I had a bed where Jordan slept nearby. People didn’t have separate rooms a bunch of beds just lay around everywhere separated barely.

I ended up playing a bunch of live action halo against a guy who seemed a lot better than me although I didn’t perform terribly.

7:15:50 PM: Good class today, we continued to focus on omote gyaku which I really enjoyed. I feel great about going deep into a single technique. We practiced the bo-kata related to omote of deflecting a sword attack from seigan. Had a few vital insights today. The strike has to come from underneath lifting up, just as in omote. The back position looks the same as omote. Make contact perpendicular, and maintain that contact while bringing their sword in a circle. When their sword reaches the bottom of the circle then you turn.

On omote I practiced with Justin and had some more practice. First movement has started to feel pretty good. Especially making a connection during the first drop before shifting. The turn still confounds me a bit, but I feel better at it than I did a few weeks ago.