4 28 2014

Got the dev bootcamp offer. I will have to think and feel about it. My gut says to take it. It feels right. The salary, 90k, sounds low considering where I started and ended at Sailthru, but I think in terms of achieving my personal legend I will come to understand how I made the right choice by taking this offer.

I will have to save money for a while because I’ve got a lot less to spend and a lot more rent, but based on my calculations I will do fine. I should talk to my parents about this.

Hey Chris,

To update you: Lloyd gave me a verbal offer this morning. I feel conflicted because Lloyd said 90k and the hours seem more demanding than I had at Sailthru. The three weeks out of every twelve week program also doesn’t give me the flexibility I hoped it would, specifically Lloyd said “it’s not for personal projects” which I found a rather shortsighted view in terms of teacher development. I also felt a bit weary because Lloyd said “we realize that while teaching you aren’t sharpening your tools” when I feel teachers should learn beside the students so the students see that programming involves a process of continual improvement and learning.

I feel conflicted because I think that I would find teaching very rewarding, and I did teach at Sailthru even thought it took place outside of my specified responsibilities. But I place a lot of value on my time and as a consulting programmer I bill out at $150/hr now. I don’t know if I can justify the financial and lifestyle hit when I could keep working for myself and volunteer at something like http://www.tealsk12.org/

I don’t like wasting people’s time, so I’d prefer if this worked out and you and everyone at Dev Bootcamp haven’t wasted effort. Do you think they just lowballed me to start? I remember you saying a range of 100-130 depending on experience, but it sounds like every office has its own budget, so maybe that number came from the other locations.

Had a good conversation with Chris Berkner, who helped me feel like I should go back to Lloyd with some concerns and raise the fact that I made 115 at my last job to see what happens. I really like Chris, and I find him a great guy. I hope he gets lots of success and happiness.

Oracle on Dev Bootcamp: 25. Wu Wang Innocence -> 12. Pi’ Standstill

First part encouraging, second part not especially. It sounds like I would enjoy it at first but eventually stagnate. I don’t think this helps my personal legend quite the way I need, but maybe it only takes place as a temporary measure.

Oracle on continuing to freelance and work for myself: 15. Ch’ien Modesty -> 39. Obstruction

Not super promising either. Maybe the way lies elsewhere. “Modesty is not to be confused with weak good nature that lets things take their own course.”

Dear Lloyd,

Having thought over the verbal offer I have a few points I’d like to discuss with you. I’d like to see a contract if possible to help me make a decision. I remember you saying you wanted employees to have an “exquisite lifestyle” which as a thought I appreciate a lot, so I would like to follow up on a few sticking points here.

One point I’d like to clarify. I certainly don’t intend to work on a startup during the personal development time. I would want to continue developing open source software such as https://github.com/zencephalon/Tactful_Tokenizer and I hope that Dev Bootcamp encourages students to give back to the open source ecosystem that they derive so much benefit from. I would certainly want to lead by example in doing so. I learned everything I have by building and I don’t intend to stop. I feel sure I’ll find lots of internal tools I will want to develop as I learn the process. And I will certainly want to improve the curriculum too.

(I do want to note that http://devbootcamp.com/jobs/ says the following “Flexible time off. Vacation is provided in a take-what-you-need form. For teachers, we recommend 3 weeks off every 9 weeks” which gives a much different impression of what that time entails, perhaps that needs updating).

As far as compensation goes I can live on what you spoke but it sounds low to me. I made $115,000 at Sailthru plus benefits and stock options. The last offer I saw at $90,000 came with 1.5% equity. I bill for $150/hr freelancing. I understand you have budgetary constraints just as I feel sure you understand I feel an instinct to help my family out of medical debt, so I feel confidant we can come to a happy medium.

I can start on May 12th at the earliest in order to finish my contract work.