4 28 2015


10:12:44 PM: Had a nice busy day. Went to Ignacio’s class in the morning, and I met his nephew Isaac briefly. Ken showed up too. He went over some wrist grab techniques and then briefly worked on muso-dori. After I came home I talked with Erin about the Bumblebee cohort, which I will lead on my own. Then I talked on the phone with Garrett from Google and kicked off the Google recruitment process. I don’t know how to feel about that, but I suppose I will take it as an opportunity to practice my skills and put myself in my students’ shoes.

10:26:47 PM: I also had an amazing conversation with Carol Robbins, an educator who helps other educators get better at education. We discussed a lot of difficult issues with teaching and she suggested that I could elicit more participation in my classroom my getting the students to form up into small pods to discuss and come up with things themselves.