4 29 2014

Accepted the offer! I feel good. I just had to read about taoism to find my bearing again. Dev Bootcamp will offer me a chance to teach 30 students every three weeks the Way in a subtle and influential manner. If I could turn the whole operation into a place of daoist instruction I would find that amazing.

8:06:41 PM: I feel like I have my mojo back. Great class today with Ignacio where he helped me with my ko-ichimonji and we went over the san-shin no kata again. And then another great class with James reviewing issues related to omote gyaku, but also musa dori. James told me about his work mixing his new album.

8:44:30 PM: A lot of weird feeling in my head lately. Maybe I will go through another round of conscious evolution. I hope to gain new powers in proportion to my wisdom.