4 8 2015


7:12:09 AM: Dreamed I had some situation where I had to stay in an AirBnB with Melissa. Dreamed of trying to meet Daria at a cafe somewhere in Vienna. Dreamed I forgot to teach the Rock Doves advanced activerecord and screwed everything up because of it. Feeling a little weird, I feel like I don’t like smoking weed so much any more because it carries over to the next day like this.

9:39:18 PM: Very strong Lesser Banishing today. I have felt inspired by my reading of Mark Stavish and put a lot into it, felt strong energetic chills at the end. Very nice. Since I expect Daria to stay out for a while I wonder if I should do a KAP meditation next or maybe work on the hypnosis cards a bit. I definitely want to get some drumming in.

What was your favorite part of the trip and what did you learn or teach?

I really loved meeting everyone. Although I found Iceland very beautiful it just served as a backdrop to all the wonderful people at Thrive. I learned a lot about relationships and online book publishing, I taught ways of maximizing strength gains from bodyweight exercise.

Why did you come and did it match/exceed expectations for where you are in your career/life?

I came because I needed some time away from work and to gain some inspiration for my future direction. It totally met my expectations. I simply wanted to meet people who had interesting life paths and take inspiration from them.

ILUVU Ocean,

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye on my way out! Thank U for your wonderful company in Iceland, I hope U enjoy the rest of your stay and have magickal experiences. Thank U for the epic oatmeal and delicious brussel sprouts. I will always remember to add a honey glaze when frying brussel sprouts. Also I really appreciate your kindness from the moment we met and the wise advice U’ve given me. I feel inspired to continue learning astrology and acrobatics after seeing what U can do with it.

Congrats on the Amala Foundation charity benefit concert! It looks like a great event. Let me know if U ever need any help on REAL or any of your other projects, I would gladly assist. Hope to see U again in NYC when U get back.