5 10 2015


11:09:23 AM: A lot of strangeness in dreams. I dreamed I went with a guy to a rap concert and then he offered to drive me to the nearest subway station, not so weird. I told him about the excision show that Melissa and Zack went to. I dreamed that Daria and I attended U Michigan as did Andrew Aldridge, Clara Wu, and a bunch of other people form HackNY. Some volley ball coach there got involved in pedophilia and serial killing but we couldn’t quite get to the bottom of it. One of my friends got some inside info on where all the boards (kind of like the paintings on the bridge at Minnesota) would go so we decided to vandalize them ahead of time with embarrassing information about the university like all the times the university had lead to people getting killed. A lot of people cheated on a test for this really hard class that Andrew took and for a moment it seemed like the professor would call out the people who cheated but then he turned it into how they had an image to protect and so he wouldn’t. Clara tried to get in bed with me and Daria and Daria would not have it, pretty strange.