5 12 2015


9:19:18 AM: Up earlier than I have in a while because Daria has come off to take her final. A lot of weird dreams this morning. Smoking a joint with Andy and Levi I ask them if they prefer erotic fiction to erotic games, I said fiction. I played this game on an old hand held console of Andy’s about rodents playing bowling against each other by throwing the ball into each other and such but apparently it had some kind of erotic subtext. A lot of porn came up in my dreams, guess I feel pretty horny. I remember having to chase after dad as he rapidly descended through all these staircases in this huge shopping mall. I kept having to swipe through these subway things to follow him. At one point my swipe didn’t work and I tried to duck under the turnstile but I got stuck and I had to go back and swipe again and he got a lot of distance on me and I couldn’t see him from around a staircase and I got scared that I would lose him so I screamed for him to wait up. Dreamed about pornography featuring girls from pittsburgh that all really sucked, and some non-sucky porn on my old white laptop. Dreamed about Officer McNulty solving crime in this shopping mall.

He was a shithead. you