5 13 2014

8:12:03 PM: Yesterday: Subway at 7:23. 23 students in cicadas. Met my friends at 23rd street.

3:15:31 PM: Fun day yesterday with the first day of work at Dev Bootcamp. I enjoyed seeing the way that new students got welcomed. After work I met up with Daria, Yamil, Alex, and Randall. Ate a tasty burger, fries, and shake at Shake Shack. Watched Cosmos, which I found pretty enjoyable despite the inaccurate history. I felt a lot better about Neil deGrasse Tyson as a person afterwards.

3:15:00 PM: Lecture on Big O seemed fairly well received and I feel okay about it. I felt a bit rushed during, but I have a lot of improvement to make as I know.

3:17:41 PM: Positive feedback from Lloyd with the feedback that I should give students a little more space to ask questions and probably start slower, which I agree with.

4:14:31 PM: Good feedback from Sam. Points to take away: use an introductory graph at the beginning to illustrate the concept and also touch on omega and theta. Also do the coding sections on the computer. Also make sure to have check points between topics to ask questions. On the whole very positive though.

8:32:04 PM: Story idea, a world where everyone wears VR goggles and the government/programming/admins controls what people see. Gender neutral zones where all people appear without secondary sex characteristics manage to eradicate workplace sexism.

8:37:59 PM: Since reading Path Notes again I’ve started to notice the third eye pressure a lot again. Getting better about breathing and posture. I think I need glasses at least temporarily so that I can keep good posture with my back. As I awaken my kundalini my vision should improve so I can leave off the glasses eventually.