5 14 2015


7:51:37 AM: Scattered recollections, interrupted sleep due to cats. Dreamt of visiting a restaurant with a gay guy who tried to pick up someone at the restaurant and got rejected while there. Almost started a fight but I helped everyone keep their cool, then we excited and went to a SUV. I left someone’s apartment after playing some Age of Empires there and building several castles, I remember spamming villager Somehow Maya involved. I remember browsing in some upscale fashion store that I found quite idiotic, very darkly lit for some reason. It had magazines advertising Grand Theft Auto or a related game. I watched someone playing an interesting game, RPG kind of thing. Something significant about it that I can’t remember. I remember a bit of ancient wisdom, some word that translated to “unique” about people who could function like planeswalkers or something similar. At the moment felt very excited to receive the information but couldn’t hold on to it.