5 15 2014

Apprenticeship Patterns, great book that Sam introduced me to. Written by the founder of the chicago branch of DBC.

12:59:29 PM: Class yesterday with Ignacio, James, and Akkis. Still not sure of his name. James got pretty frustrated with him yesterday and had a mini-outburst. Ignacio helped me with getting into seigan-no-kamae with a bo, and into chudan kamae with the bo. I think I will focus on those movements. Tsuki with the bo still strikes me as very tricky.

1:41:38 PM: GOAL: buy citizenship in St Kitts.

11:58:01 AM: MindVault software combining the features of a really good wiki with the features of spaced repetition software. Helps you keep a comprehensive mind map.

3:21:52 PM: Gave lecture on recursion. Not sure how it went well, but I think I illustrated some important concepts, including the recursive solution to numinwords. Alex and Sam have both left to run errands which I find amusing, Just me manning the floor for now.