5 19 2014

3:01:17 PM: Time to do some journaling I suppose. On Saturday I had an amazing trip in the Buck Hill mountains of Pennsylvania. I met his roommate Mark, who does advertising strategy and spoken word poetry. Liv, an amazing DJ and producer. Jaime, who can rap a mean rap. I made really good friends with Mike, who I think will really want to use my software. Also met his friend Max, a programmer at Huffington Post who drove us in his van. Met Charlie, who works as a hospital construction major. I met Keith and Ratan who go to school at Cooper Union. Ratan will take over one of the Cooper Union hacking organizations from Eric Leong. I think I can to terms with my bi-sexuality and processed the implications. I don’t know when I will tell the people I love, but I told a lot of people during the trip. I asked Mike to act as my best friend, and I think that could turn out very fruitful.