5 2 2015


11:54:20 AM: I dreamt today about a world similar to in Childhood’s End where we had a lot of technology and lived in a relative utopia.

5:22:58 PM: Nice reading in the park from Kyler. Got Justice for myself. Princess of Wands for my advice. King of Cups for Google. Queen of Swords (Kali) for DBC. Prince of Disks (Merlin) for working on my own. Near future 8 of Swords, disillusion. Queen of Cups, then finally Six of Swords. Seems I will strike it out on my own, but I have to bide my time a while, the time hasn’t come yet.

9:00:12 PM: Had a nice time at the thrive dinner. I met a beautiful asian girl there named Marisa that does the festival scene pretty hard, she went to eight festivals last year including Ultra, Mystery Land, and others. She broke her wrist trying to snowboard. She has tried and failed at 12 instruments by her count. She went to NYU and works at an ad agency called 360i. Wants to move back to LA at some point.