5 23 2014

3:42:48 PM: Woke up again this morning with spit in my mouth, around 7. Seems like my body uses that as a way to wake me up. Not bad. Ending of the dream felt really gross. I kept trying to drink water out of a faucet. The water had all these little hairs in it, and I kept trying to wash the hairs out of my mouth with some more water but getting more hairs in my mouth. Before that my dream had disturbingly sexual content including a threesome that become a fivesome. I didn’t have a penis because I lent mine out, people could apparently swap penises. Very strange. Some kind of swingers club and I showed up there without daria which made me feel sad in the morning. Last night I came in daria for the third time ever but she didn’t get hers and I felt a bit bummed about that, but also felt good knowing I can consistently come myself at least. Last night I had a lot of fun hanging out with the Cicadas and eating ice cream. The fireside chat kind of seemed silly to me. I really like Cowboy Bebop so far.